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Scan tickets for specific event only

The app is connected to the store with an API key. However with an event for today and one for tomorrow, people with tickets for tomorrow can attend today. There should be a way of limiting the scans to a selected event

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  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    this is a much-needed feature. I have opened a ticket also in support and was redirected to feature request. this was my post.

    "[...] However it doesn't prevent someone with a QR code from an event in the past or in the future to be checked-in.

    I see the QR code is in the form of https://......&ticket_id=xxxx&event_id=yyyy&.....

    =>a full implementation to select the event would require to pull the current event from the calendar and select the event for which we are checking people in.
    =>a quick-hack would be to have a text field to key-in the "event_id" on the App when you open the gate for an event.
    At the time of decrypting the QRcode, if the event_id on the QR_code is not matching what was key'ed in, display a warning ( not sure if it should block or not . I think it should BLOCK & beep with error. others may want to bypass that warning)

    ( taking this to the next level some may want to check WHICH type of tickets were purchased for that event.
    you wouldn't want to let people in at the VIP gate if they carry a monkey-class ticket.
    that's a "nice to have" )

  • Omer commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I agree with Jon.
    The scan should only work on the dates of the event.
    I am not sure the app is currently working in that manner.

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