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Shortcode ability for simple implimentation on any page/post.

The one thing some competitors have over tri.be is offering ability to implement across existing pages using short codes which call either forms, or categories or most certain modular aspects. Currently there's way too much fiddling around with CSS and code to get things looking right - other than this Events Calendar trumps!

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    Michael CassiusMichael Cassius shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
    NorbertNorbert shared a merged idea: To add photo view calendar to any page with shortcode  ·   · 
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    Since this feature was first requested, we’ve added a number of cool widget shortcodes to Events Calendar PRO:https://theeventscalendar.com/knowledgebase/pro-widget-shortcodes/.

    We’re currently developing additional shortcodes, including one to post your full Month View into a page or post. We don’t have a specific release date for it, but we’re eager to have it included in an upcoming feature release.

    Our upcoming release (4.2) does include an exciting Oembed feature which allows you to include event details within any page or post- that will be a great solution for those of you looking to share events that way :)

    - The Modern Tribe Support Team


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      • Thank you all for your great feedback and for your patience on this one.

        We can't wait either. Stay tuned!

        @Peter this specific feature will focus mainly on the shortcodes.
        You are more than welcome to add your feedback on other User Voice threads about calendar printing.

      • Peter WennerstenPeter Wennersten commented  · 

        Great news with all the shortcode extensions. Can you also include third part printing shortcodes like print friendly so we can print events and monthly calendars?

      • JasonJason commented  · 

        Can't wait to be able to embed the full calendar into a sublevel page. I've had to use another calendar plugin that does support this on a few projects now...

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        This is such a basic, so-much-needed feature I can't even say. I've been using this plugin since it's very first version and have been asking and asking. I absolutely cannot wait until we can do just the simple thing of embedding the full calendar anywhere, on a page we can completely control, with a page title we can completely control, and be able to add other elements to the page. PLEASE HURRY ON THIS ONE!!!

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        We need to be able to display the normal month calendar and list into a page.

      • DaybreakDaybreak commented  · 

        Looking for simple shortcode functionality to embed weekly view onto an existing page on my website. Count 1 vote for me.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Not having a shortcode to display the calendar the same way it does with a template is creating all kinds of headaches for me. My theme uses breadcrumbs which break with your plugin. If I could simply create a page and drop the shortcode there for the calendar, it would work perfectly. As it stands now, I either have to ditch this plugin or invest 5-6 hours of development time creating the code to make it work. Please, please, pretty please bump this up the list of development priorities!

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Need to be able to display photo view via shortcode on any page. For a paid plugin this should be standard.

      • Modern TribeAdminModern Tribe (Admin, The Events Calendar by Modern Tribe) commented  · 

        We want to thank you all for your continuing support on this feature request :-)

        As stated in the status above, we have finally started work on this feature (as well as other wonderful features).

        Thank you for your patience as we are coding as fast as we can!


      • Dovid LevineDovid Levine commented  · 

        What about a community events shortcode? Would be great to have a list of 'my events' as part of a user profile page.

      • Yves De CroockYves De Croock commented  · 

        a shortcode for photo view to be added to any page, good to see it got started and hoping that after 10 months this feature will be available soon !

      • George PytlikGeorge Pytlik commented  · 

        Desperately hoping for this feature. It's becoming increasingly important with so many themes using the Featured Image for the page header and overlaying transparent logo and menu over that image. Without an actual page to use for the background header image, the calendar ends up on a page with a blank header area: no logo, no menu. Really awkward.

      • NHNH commented  · 

        Can't wait for this one. This would make a world of a difference to non coder like myself. Goodluck guys!

      • Leo PrietoLeo Prieto commented  · 

        Something like what Jason commented back on 05/22 would be amazing. Or something like:

        [tribe_events venue="myvenue" category="mycategory" view="map" posts-per-page="40"]

        It would be great if you could update your answer now that it's been more than 6 months. Looking forward to this feature as a TEC PRO customer with lots of venues! :)

      • Mike McClellandMike McClelland commented  · 

        Barry Hughes has already implemented much this requested shortcode functionality in Event Rocket plugin. And now he's abandoning it. And he is/was a TEC developer. WTH is going on there?
        Anyhow, my favorite part is the Inline Templates which allow embedding event data almost anywhere.

        Just make it happen guys! Everyone is begging for something beyond dedicated calendar pages.

        Thanks for your efforts.

      • NorbertNorbert commented  · 

        It would be really good to have a shortcode for photo view to add any page or post

      • KevinKevin commented  · 

        After 780 votes, i'm hoping this is going to happen! The mini Calendar widget just isn't enought. I currently I have a slider on my page with the calendar but the ONLY WAY i can incorporate an image above the calendar is by adding some HTML code in "Settings>Display>Add HTML before event content". The problem with this is that it places that image on other pages related to Events Calendar. including the Event detail pages! So it's all or nothing! this solution is not effective at all. Since the Main calendar doesn't function like a page, I can't even place a slider or graphic above it through my Theme functions. The main calendar is simply too independent to incorporate within my theme. PLEASE release this feature!

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I just had an issue where I wanted to hide the event meta box on the front end and also the tickets box. I only needed to do this on a couple of events and did not want to alter the default templates and change every event. Maybe shortcode could be used to show/hide each of these sections on an event-by-event basis?

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        It would be nice to have a set of short codes that can be added to any page in a WP Site. This way people with little experience in PHP / CSS can still use - for example - a sidebar and add additional information / features or advertisement.

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