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Date Range Picker

You can only pick a start date with 3.0.

If you have many hundreds of events coming up, many of them at the same location, map view becomes an unwieldy mess.

I suggest, like Google Analytics, the option to pick a RANGE.

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    Tony shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Susan H. commented  · 

        The filter bar add on doesn't seem to play well with the default date picker. It would be great if date was one of the filter options. As it is, if I have the filter bar add on and the default date picker, the user has to click two buttons to select both a filter and a date. It would make more sense to have the date integrated with the filter bar.

      • Justin commented  · 

        Agreeeeeeed! So simple I thought this would be included by default.

      • Cameron commented  · 

        When clicking the date Selector in either Map or List, I can’t seem to select an entire month. When clicking the desired Month, it will not update the date field until an individual date is selected. The ability to select an entire month’s worth of events in either view would be be preferable to my visitors.

        Is there anything that can be done about these items?

      • henryk commented  · 

        Hi tribe, are we able to extend the filterbar 4.5 with two date pickers? Give us some code!

      • Todd commented  · 

        Would love to see this, the date is a needed option and two search bars is confusing and not necessary. Thanks for considering!

      • Jouls commented  · 

        Search for events in the dashboard by the date of the event, so if I need to update all my events on the 1st of Jan I can do a search by date instead of name of event

      • Prahlad Suresh commented  · 

        +1 for date range selection for past as well as future events.

      • Andres Fernandez commented  · 

        This would be tremendously useful, for example on tourism websites were visitors might be interested in finding events that happen during their travel dates (i.e. between [day of arrival] and [day of departure]). +! million as someone else said.

      • Jim Hardin commented  · 

        +1 million. This is the first complaint in my recent UX tests. Simply starting "from a month" is too high-level for many use cases. The most obvious use for "search between two dates" is a user planning travel starting at x date and ending at y date and wanting to find events during their trip at that travel destination.

      • Robert Gerrow commented  · 

        I will throw my support behind this as well. I'm looking to run a community calendar that runs with spreadsheets and PDFs now, but I can't replace them with Events Calendar unless I can give people an option of choosing what's happening on a certain tag during a given period of time. (All instances of a certain type of band performance in the next two weeks, or everything at a venue from now until the end of the month)

      • Ramon commented  · 

        That would be perfect.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        would love this feature!!

      • Thomas Davis commented  · 

        Good idea Pierre. I really think the Advanced Filter Bar needs to just replace the traditional filter bar all together. That way it can offer both the basic and advanced functions in one bar. The segmentation between the two is a bit confusing for visitors.

      • Matthias Krebs commented  · 

        This would be a very good feature. Absolutely Yes!

      • Pierre commented  · 

        I´d like to have an additional feature in the Filter Bar.
        The user should be able to select a "from date" and a "to date" with a datepicker. So he can see all events that at least start at the "from date" and end not later than the "to date" in the list view (or something like that).

      • Roger Politis commented  · 

        I would extend on this: Pick a range, or specific month or year, for future or past events.
        This way the user has a complete choice of the period where they want to find something

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